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Why should you treat your website like your car?


Why should you maintain site?

Most people have their car serviced regularly in the workshop.
This means that it always remains functional and ready to use.

But what about your own website?
It's something else, it works, and you don't have to do anything.
Or yet?
Does the website really need an online workshop?

Running on WordPress like 62% of all websites
in Switzerland
then the website requires regular maintenance.


Maintenance ensures that the website is up-to-date,
it improves speed and thus attractiveness to search engines.
Maintenance makes the website safer from hacker attacks.

Many, especially those small and medium-sized companies,
Doctors, lawyers, consultants
they do not have their own IT department.
Therefore, they have a website created once and then often do not receive pending technical updates.

There are new plugins in WordPress all the time.
Plus new security features as WordPress sites in particular are often targeted by hackers.


You should also create regular backUP`s of your own website.

Thanks to the backUP, you can restore your website very quickly after a hacker attack.

From experience:
Try not only to update new content, but also Themes, plugins and backend.
One of our clients regularly enriches their website with new content.
But unfortunately it has neglected to update the theme and plugins.
Then there was a hacking attack through a bug in an outdated version of WordPress.
Fortunately, the client did backUP`s at least quarterly.
Thanks to this, the website could, without major changes,
be restored very quickly.


Our tips

Our tips for WordPress site owners without their own IT department:
Log into the back office regularly, at least every two months, preferably monthly, and create a backUP.

Then check, download, and install all plug-in and security updates.
Then check that the site is working properly.

Plugins and widgets especially for contact forms can quickly lead to bugs that can be easily fixed with a single line of code.

And just like in a car, website owners can choose to:
Or they are technicians/mechatronics themselves and can carry out maintenance themselves.

Or they go to the garage.

Or they take the page to a webshop and leave it for maintenance.

Many agencies only offer Maintenance in conjunction with full website maintenance, which can get expensive quickly.

enigma also offers maintenance independently of the entire WordPress site, for 85 Fr.- including TAX for maintenance.
So that you can always safely run your website.

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