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Development of the website concept

A thorough analysis of your goals is crucial to the concept of your website.

what should the effect be?

Which content do you want to present?

Should it be a static page or will it be constantly updated with new content?

Does it need special features like the store system or the Newsletter system?

Do you want to manage the content yourself?

The more information of this type is available, the more accurately we can calculate the costs.

If the corporate project already exists, a website project will be created on its basis.

In each case, we make sure that your website harmonizes with the existing presentation of the company.

Delivery of the content

Meaningful and goal-oriented content is extremely important for your website to be found by search engines.

You can provide us with ready-made texts and images.

Be aware that the content you provide has a decisive influence not only on the success of search engine optimization, but also on the appearance of your website.

Managing the domain and hosting

If you don't already have a domain or hosting for your website, we are happy to advise you.

Choosing a domain can impact your success as it remains in the customer's memory for different periods of time depending on the wording and complexity.

When choosing a hoster we make sure you get a reliable partner who can be contacted quickly in case of problems.


Know how - Google ADS

Thanks to our Know how we can also introduce you to the first page on Google.

Take advantage of our offer to place your business or campaigns on the first page of Google.

You define your daily budget

You define access regions

Words can be added, changed or removed at any time

Ads are in the most popular search engines

The ad placements on the first page of Google are guaranteed

You only pay when your ad is clicked

The Agreement does not need to be terminated

Monthly Statistics


With Google Ads you will be found!

Google is by far the most popular search engine and is used daily in Switzerland by several million WEB users.

Google Ads ads appear in exactly the regions that will get you something.

Thanks to Google Ads, you can find potential customers also on other websites, not only in the Google search engine.

Your ad will only be shown to interested target groups and that's exactly whenwhen they are looking for it.

Google Ads is suitable for any business to usefully promote products or services.

People will find your business on Google when they search for relevant products or services.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and thus goes to your website.

In this way, every penny is invested directly in new customer acquisition.

Companies of all sizes can use them effectively to attract new customers.

Website maintenance