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Our History

ENIGMA has been operating in the WEB area since 2019, although since 2008 ENIGMA has been programming using PAWN, phpbb i CC+ for Eserver_.
Eserver_ was very popular and always busy with active users CS 1.6 / CS Source / MTM i SAMP.

From the very beginning, our activities are focused on implementing solutions, thanks to which our clients can count on more orders, and thus higher profits.

Our task is to make:
image improvement
companies on the Internet.

We create complete websites and websites for companies, thanks to which entrepreneurs can present their company on the Internet using modern solutions.

We also help companies operating outside the country to appear on the Internet.

We are constantly developing and trying to introduce a number of innovations that make us even more effective.

Google Ads

Google Analytics

Google Ads

Google Business

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Our Team

Owner & Management


Leszek Babiak

Programming It is not only my job, it is my passion

I am a web developer and freelancer with many years of experience.

I deal with building websites, website positioning, drone photography and common sense internet advertising.

I offer my programming services throughout Switzerland.

Thanks to my experience, I can adapt my solutions to individual needs and requirements.

Each client can count on my technical support long after the project is completed.

If you are interested in designing and building a website, online store, business website, CRM or ERP system from scratch, or if you have an idea for something non-standard, we invite you to contact us!

Design & Quality control


Sara Zięba - Babiak

Perfection down to the smallest detail - design and final inspection that set the standard!

Sara works in the Design and Quality Control department due to her extensive training and education in the field of web design.

With her solid education and expertise, she is capable of conducting thorough website quality control.

Her expertise allows her to assess the quality of designs and ensure they meet high standards.

Sara takes pride in utilizing her skills and experience in this field to contribute to our customers' satisfaction.